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 My build of a Toyota 86 - Parts, Advice and Drama! - 1 dudes Toyota 86 build

86 TRD Griffon Concept After a Year

So what do you get after spend a whole year developing an 86 to be faster?

Update to Inside of an 86: Changing the interior from Silver to Black

So In Australia, they sell two models of 86’s GT and the GTS sadly the GTS which is what I have comes with silver interior accents… I didn’t like it very much.
You can see the before photos in the post: Inside of an 86
So I ordered all the parts that the GT had in side, this is the result:

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Ken Gushi Drifting his GReddy Performance X Scion Racing FR-S

Work have two new sets of wheels – D9R & XSA 04C


Deep Impact Wheels:

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Watch Beau Yates build his 86 drift car

PRORICAN Black on White Combo

As I’ve always said. Black on white is the best combo!!!

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Insides of an 86

So on here I show alot of modified cars on the outside.

So thought I’d show what the inside of an 86 looks like. Especially since I am looking at making a few changes to mine shortly.
When I do you’ll have to play spot the difference though.

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Black Chrome Vinyl Wrap 86

I think this is pretty impressive for a vinyl warp!!!

You know your doing something right.

Check out this awesome setup running 18×9.5 +35 with spacers.

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Porsche + BRZ = Awesome

So I posted this car yesterday(Front Staggered BRZ).

Well this was his earlier setup. It also belongs in the DAMN category.

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