86/BRZ GrimmSpeed Strut Bar

I have recently installed the GrimmSpeed Strut Bar.
2013-09-16 13.44.38s
I had seen all their investigative work into how they need to design this bar. The results sure were promising!!
This bar was offered at a great price $150 Landed in Australia!!!! 😀 Jumped at this.

I have to say short and simple that this was money well spent!

The install took literally <5 minutes. The longest part was dialing the torque wrench into the required 12lbs. So first I took the car for a spin around the streets could notice a little sharper turn in. Later that afternoon I took it up to my local twisty roads. This is where you could definitely tell that this was designed well right from the beginning. The car now feels more solid through the corners. I can feel that I am holding the same line without having to keep dialing the corner in with input from the steering wheel. The car holds the line well when on and off the go pedal this was my main issue with the car from the start. Mid corner getting on and off the gas it would change the line greatly. Now it holds closer to true. All and all great mod and I would recommend this to anyone that likes to do a lot of twisty road driving in their 86/BRZ.


  1. Josh says:

    Hey Mate,

    Where did you get this for such a steal?

    Their website has it @ $250 delivered…

    Also you reckon you’ll investigate their Bonnet Gas lift kit?

    Regards, Josh

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