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 General - My build of a Toyota 86 - Parts, Advice and Drama!

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Ken Gushi Drifting his GReddy Performance X Scion Racing FR-S

Nobuteru Taniguchi teaches how to drive the Fuji Speedway in an 86

Nobuteru Taniguchi teaches how to drive the Fuji Speedway in an 86.

He found that the breaks let him down on the 2nd lap of the full Fuji speedway!!! That is a major concern.
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World Time Attack 2013

Two Z*6’s(Zn6/ZC6) competed in the Clubsprint Class, this is the closest to stock class they have at the 2013 World Time Attack in Sydney just last weekend (18th and 19th/10/2013).

Pos Team Name Car Model Driver Best Lap
59 Tunehouse Racing FT86 Jim Ghelis (NSW) 1:44.9230
70 Pulse Racing BRZ Paul Fisher (NSW) 1:48.7084

and to put this into perspective this is the number one time for the clubsprint group.

Pos Team Name Car Model Driver Best Lap
39 Process West WRX Sti Jason Wright (NSW) 1:39.2470

Finishing a mod I started a while ago – Fog Light Mod


I started this Mod a little while ago it’s the FOG Light Mod .

Tidy up jobs done


In Brisbane, QLD Australia we had a public holiday mid week 😀 yay!!!!

So got a few bits and bobs done that i’ve been meaning to get done.

So a little while ago I installed the Window Visors (Weather Shields). On the passenger’s side it started to lift.
Finally got that fixed 😀

Had to remove the old bit of double sided tape then add just a little bit more double sided tape did the job nicely

Next job on the things to do list was fix the flickering LED License Plate Lights.

Installed the new lights and looks 100 times better

more lowered pictures of 86 and BRZ

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Pictures of Lowered 86 & BRZ

Was trolling the interwebs and found some nice looking cars

Thought i’d share with you all.


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My 86 went to the 2013 Evo Nationals

So I was at the 2013 Evo Nationals on the weekend; as you can guess by the name of it. It was an all out EVO affair sooo many awesome examples of what an Evo should look like 😀

As I am a car enthusiast I like to go to car events.

Whilst I was there took some photos – Still to edit about 80% of them ahahah. Here are a couple quick shots.

My 86 now incident resolved


Three weeks on from when I had an incident with My 86:

Issue has been resolved with two new parts and a fresh coat of paint! 😀

Look at the after shot:

Very happy with the result. Have to get some buffing done in four weeks time and then paint protection applied again.

My 86 had an incident


Parked outside of work like I normally do; work is located on a quiet suburban street… nothing could happen there right?


Someone with a camper home thought hey you know what; I live across the road and need to reverse to park here… how I about I use this nice looking 86 as a reverse indicator!


So as you can see; required work – New bonnet and new front bar.

Good thing was he was nice enough to give me his insurance details. Should get all fixed up soon enough. (3 weeks)