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86 TRD Griffon Concept 2nd test

86/BRZ Driven Like It Should Be.

Auto Cross in the USA;

Mod List:
Perrin front pipe w/HFC, over pipe, CAI and tube, Raceseng Pulleys, JDL UEL Header, Moto-East Tune, KW V 3’s, Raceseng plates, RPF1, Dunlop Z2, 205hp/164tq

LS7 Powered 86!!! Extreme TQ!

A Photo or Two

86 vs RX8 vs S2000

Time for a review of the three great Japanese RWD cars Toyota 86 vs Mazda RX8 vs Honda S2000

Strapped to the front of a 300BHP AVO Turbo 86

86/FRS vs GTI vs E30 M3 BMW

86/FRS vs GTI vs E30 M3 BMW

I’ve driven both cars also.

I have to say yes the GTI is quicker dur… it has a turbo!
Yes the GTI is more practical, but when it came to driving a GTI on a nice twisty road I found it dull lifeless sure on the straights you grinned.
The 86 feels at home when smashing it around the bends the movement you can get from the 86 is sooo enjoyable.

I know i’m biased ahaha so go drive both for yourself.

If you like luxury and to be pushed back into your seat; the GTI is for you.
If you like going out on the weekend and attacking every corner you see; the 86 is for you.

BRZ GT300 Wins Qualifying!

BRZ GT300 Wins Qualifying!

Rocket Bunny Kit Moulded

This is a modified Rocket Bunny Kit Moulded so no exposed rivets and all smooth lines!!

I think it looks amazing!!

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More video footage of the 2JZ FRS

More video footage of Ryan Tuerck’s 2JZ Powered FRS.