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Insides of an 86

So on here I show alot of modified cars on the outside.

So thought I’d show what the inside of an 86 looks like. Especially since I am looking at making a few changes to mine shortly.
When I do you’ll have to play spot the difference though.

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Nobuteru Taniguchi teaches how to drive the Fuji Speedway in an 86

Nobuteru Taniguchi teaches how to drive the Fuji Speedway in an 86.

He found that the breaks let him down on the 2nd lap of the full Fuji speedway!!! That is a major concern.
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World Time Attack 2013

Two Z*6’s(Zn6/ZC6) competed in the Clubsprint Class, this is the closest to stock class they have at the 2013 World Time Attack in Sydney just last weekend (18th and 19th/10/2013).

Pos Team Name Car Model Driver Best Lap
59 Tunehouse Racing FT86 Jim Ghelis (NSW) 1:44.9230
70 Pulse Racing BRZ Paul Fisher (NSW) 1:48.7084

and to put this into perspective this is the number one time for the clubsprint group.

Pos Team Name Car Model Driver Best Lap
39 Process West WRX Sti Jason Wright (NSW) 1:39.2470

Next home made mod – Fender Cutout

Fender Cut Outs.
Want to change from this:

To this!!!

Getting the price for the BRZ Fender Thingy.

Inspiration: Link to thread that shows the cutout.

Apparently the heat loss its a great improvement and well worth the cutting effort.

86 Courtesy Lamps upgrade

So I wasn’t a fan of the Red Courtesy Lamps so I decided to change them up.
What I started with, red and yucky.

So I ordered some parts from Japan, cost me $18 shipped 😀 can’t complain for that price for a genuinen JDM Part 😀

No I am sourcing some T10 LED Lights to go inside this to finish off the look I am going for. BRIGHT LIGHTS!!!
Brighter is always better.

VG Sharkfin Installed

After a long wait and delay I had finally received my VG Sharkfin!! Looks good paint match was excellent!!!

This is how the car looked from the start:
Normal 86 Antenna

This is how it looks now. A Great Impromvent if I do say so myself 😀
VG Sharkfin 86 Antenna
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86/BRZ GrimmSpeed Strut Bar

I have recently installed the GrimmSpeed Strut Bar.
2013-09-16 13.44.38s
I had seen all their investigative work into how they need to design this bar. The results sure were promising!!
This bar was offered at a great price $150 Landed in Australia!!!! 😀 Jumped at this.

I have to say short and simple that this was money well spent!
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How a FA20 looks out of the engine bay

Have you seen how the FA20 looks out of the engine bay?
I hadn’t either till now:

86 TRD Griffon Concept 2nd test

LS7 Powered 86!!! Extreme TQ!