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86/FRS vs GTI vs E30 M3 BMW

86/FRS vs GTI vs E30 M3 BMW

I’ve driven both cars also.

I have to say yes the GTI is quicker dur… it has a turbo!
Yes the GTI is more practical, but when it came to driving a GTI on a nice twisty road I found it dull lifeless sure on the straights you grinned.
The 86 feels at home when smashing it around the bends the movement you can get from the 86 is sooo enjoyable.

I know i’m biased ahaha so go drive both for yourself.

If you like luxury and to be pushed back into your seat; the GTI is for you.
If you like going out on the weekend and attacking every corner you see; the 86 is for you.

Rocket Bunny Kit Moulded

This is a modified Rocket Bunny Kit Moulded so no exposed rivets and all smooth lines!!

I think it looks amazing!!

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ZetaPerformance Window Visor

Just placed my order for the ZetaPerformance Window Visor!
Half Price of the Toyota Window Visor and I’ve been told pretty damn close to the finish of it (Will make my own judgement when it arrives).
For now I can just go by other people pictures and here are some now.

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March 2013 Australian New Car Sales Figures

Sports Segment Winners:
Toyota 86 (786 – 36.8%)
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe (369 – 17.4%)
Hyundai Veloster (340 – 15.9%)

Unit sold from Manufacturer

1 Toyota 18,653
2 Mazda 9,112
3 Nissan 8,408
4 Hyundai 8,402
5 Holden 8,283
6 Ford 6,434
7 Mitsubishi 5,147
8 Volkswagen 4,299
9 Subaru 4,219
10 Honda 3,897
11 Kia 2,643
12 Mercedes-Benz 2,502
13 Suzuki 2,253
14 Jeep 1,920
15 BMW 1,850
16 Audi 1,303
17 Isuzu 827
18 Land Rover 670
19 Lexus 618
20 Great Wall 570
21 Renault 564
22 Peugeot 401
23 Volvo 374
24 Skoda 293
25 Chrysler 224
26 Fiat 199
27 Dodge 169
28 MINI 158
29 Alfa Romeo 134
30 Porsche 119
31 Opel 113
32 Ssangyong 104
33 Chery 96
34 Citroen 82
35 Jaguar 70
36 Proton 43
37 Infiniti 24
38 Maserati 12
39 Ferrari 10
40 Lotus 8
41 Bentley 7
42 Aston Martin 6
43 Smart 4
44 Lamborghini 3
45 McLaren 3
46 Morgan 1
47 Caterham 0
48 Rolls-Royce 0
49 Saab 0

(units sold – market share)

Segment Breakdown with Top Selling Models

Sports Segment Winners:

Toyota 86 (786 – 36.8%)
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe (369 – 17.4%)
Hyundai Veloster (340 – 15.9%)
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BRZ/86/FRS On Air

So I thought this was a little different for a brand new “sports” car.

BRZ on Air Suspension.


ARK DT-S Catback Exhaust
EcuTek – Perrin Tune
GrimmSpeed Hood Struts
Password:JDM CF Engine Bay Cover
Password: JDM CF Fuse Box Cover
Password: JDM Engine Dressup Bolt Kit


Password:JDM Front strut/Tower Bars
AirLift Performance Air Struts
AutoPilot V2 Air Management
TIC Steering Rack Bushings
Whiteline Crossmember Bushings


Password JDM CF Front lip (being painted, not installed yet)
BeatSonic Shark Fin
TRD Rear Spoiler
Painted Tails
FnA Automotive Rear Fog Light (Kit 1)


All LED bulbs (trunk, courtesy lights in door, dome)
Carsmo Armrest
Sportsguy Armrest (for sale)


Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace
Kartboy Rear Shifter Stay Bushing
Whiteline Transmission Bushing
Kartboy Short Shifter

First turbo’d FA20 motor to go boom!

The Story

was just normal driving took off in first spun the tires regained traction shifted to second got to about 6k rpms or so and the motor shut off with a loud bang. poped the hood and smoked and steam rolled out. prior to that the car didnt feel like it had anywhere near 320whp like it was supposed to. the bov was staying open at idle causing the car idle at 1k rpms and choke and die randomly. i was waiting on a 12psi spring from fullblown to swap out the 7psi spring to see if that fixed the open bov at idle problem. TOYOTA INSTALLED it i hope to god they fix it if not i will kick someones a** i only put about 100 miles on the car after the install. i was going home to install a aem boost gauge/failsafe. i would liked to have known how much boost it hit at the time the motor blew up but guess we will never know.
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AVO Turbo 86/BRZ Cracking 300HP from the FA20.

So in a Manual 86 / BRZ; they achieved the following results.
8psi on Stage 1.5, manual transmission, with full exhaust, MAP sensor, 7psi Actuator
271 HP with 225 Tq.

They upped the boost
10psi on Stage 1.5+, manual transmission, with full exhaust, MAP sensor, 7psi Actuator
just shy of 300hp

with this power they also recommend upgrading the injectors and fuel pump to cope with the new demand.

The next tubro 86

The next turbo’d 86 is also using the low mount AVO Turbo kit.
No dyno results yet but here are some pictures.

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So you might remember I attend a Brisbane 86/BRZ meet that crashed the Brisbane Supercar Meet.

Here is a photo from that meet 😀

Full coverage of the day:

Tada: How Toyota and Subaru created the 86

Since its launch last summer, the Toyota GT86 has received multiple awards for its no-nonsense, fun-to-drive philosophy.
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