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Rocket Bunny V2

Whats new with Version 2 I hear you ask:
Rocket Bunny 86 V2
KW adjustable coilovers
Work Meister M1 3-piece rims, 9.5Jx18″ -35 (front), 10.5Jx18″ -46 (rear), Toyo Proxes 225/40R18 (front), 255/40R18
Rocket Bunny full Ver 2 aero comprising of front bumper, carbon front splitter, front fender finisher, front fenders, side skirts, rear overfenders, rear fender finisher, duck-tail rear trunk spoiler, rear diffuser, LED front DLRs

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Toyota may not be releasing the 86 as a Convertible

Rumor has it that Toyota has put the production of the FT86 Open Concpet. Toyota hasn’t offcially stated this but rumor is that we wont be seeing it any time soon.

I would speculate this is due to just how close the new MX-5/Miata is away from being released.

Supposedly Toyota’s product plans for 2014 and 2015 have no slot for the topless Toybaru. Although due to the fact engineering work on the production model had progressed since the concept was first shown in March it shouldn’t take too much for Toyota to get things back on track if they decide officially wreck the back to basics sports car.

86 Courtesy Lamps upgrade

So I wasn’t a fan of the Red Courtesy Lamps so I decided to change them up.
What I started with, red and yucky.

So I ordered some parts from Japan, cost me $18 shipped 😀 can’t complain for that price for a genuinen JDM Part 😀

No I am sourcing some T10 LED Lights to go inside this to finish off the look I am going for. BRIGHT LIGHTS!!!
Brighter is always better.

VG Sharkfin Installed

After a long wait and delay I had finally received my VG Sharkfin!! Looks good paint match was excellent!!!

This is how the car looked from the start:
Normal 86 Antenna

This is how it looks now. A Great Impromvent if I do say so myself 😀
VG Sharkfin 86 Antenna
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86/BRZ GrimmSpeed Strut Bar

I have recently installed the GrimmSpeed Strut Bar.
2013-09-16 13.44.38s
I had seen all their investigative work into how they need to design this bar. The results sure were promising!!
This bar was offered at a great price $150 Landed in Australia!!!! 😀 Jumped at this.

I have to say short and simple that this was money well spent!
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My 86 now incident resolved


Three weeks on from when I had an incident with My 86:

Issue has been resolved with two new parts and a fresh coat of paint! 😀

Look at the after shot:

Very happy with the result. Have to get some buffing done in four weeks time and then paint protection applied again.

My 86 had an incident


Parked outside of work like I normally do; work is located on a quiet suburban street… nothing could happen there right?


Someone with a camper home thought hey you know what; I live across the road and need to reverse to park here… how I about I use this nice looking 86 as a reverse indicator!


So as you can see; required work – New bonnet and new front bar.

Good thing was he was nice enough to give me his insurance details. Should get all fixed up soon enough. (3 weeks)

Pikes Peak 2013 with Toshiki Yoshioka Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86

Australia’s most Powerful Drift 86

Meet Australia’s most mental Toyota 86


In the bowels of a workshop somewhere in western Sydney, a monster is gestating. It will be Australia’s wildest 86, a 450kW handmade animal weighing just 1000kg and built for one purpose: going sideways and sending tyres to heaven.
Australian drifter Beau Yates is responsible for this madness. Cackling wildly and with hair frizzed like he’s put his fingers in a powerpoint, Yates invites us to the top secret location where the monster is currently incubating. (It’s not really secret, we just wanted to wear pillowcases on our heads on the drive there.)
To be used for drifting, Yates is working madly to have the 86 ready for the Australian Drift Grand Prix in Adelaide on October 5-6, and then World Time Attack in Sydney two weekends later.
It will easily be the country’s most berko non-registrable 86, with the power of a V8 Supercar, the weight of a Caterham and muscles made of dynamite.
Get a straitjacket. Meet Australia’s most mental Toyota 86.

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ZetaPerformance Window Visor

Just placed my order for the ZetaPerformance Window Visor!
Half Price of the Toyota Window Visor and I’ve been told pretty damn close to the finish of it (Will make my own judgement when it arrives).
For now I can just go by other people pictures and here are some now.

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