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March 2013 Australian New Car Sales Figures

Sports Segment Winners:
Toyota 86 (786 – 36.8%)
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe (369 – 17.4%)
Hyundai Veloster (340 – 15.9%)

Unit sold from Manufacturer

1 Toyota 18,653
2 Mazda 9,112
3 Nissan 8,408
4 Hyundai 8,402
5 Holden 8,283
6 Ford 6,434
7 Mitsubishi 5,147
8 Volkswagen 4,299
9 Subaru 4,219
10 Honda 3,897
11 Kia 2,643
12 Mercedes-Benz 2,502
13 Suzuki 2,253
14 Jeep 1,920
15 BMW 1,850
16 Audi 1,303
17 Isuzu 827
18 Land Rover 670
19 Lexus 618
20 Great Wall 570
21 Renault 564
22 Peugeot 401
23 Volvo 374
24 Skoda 293
25 Chrysler 224
26 Fiat 199
27 Dodge 169
28 MINI 158
29 Alfa Romeo 134
30 Porsche 119
31 Opel 113
32 Ssangyong 104
33 Chery 96
34 Citroen 82
35 Jaguar 70
36 Proton 43
37 Infiniti 24
38 Maserati 12
39 Ferrari 10
40 Lotus 8
41 Bentley 7
42 Aston Martin 6
43 Smart 4
44 Lamborghini 3
45 McLaren 3
46 Morgan 1
47 Caterham 0
48 Rolls-Royce 0
49 Saab 0

(units sold – market share)

Segment Breakdown with Top Selling Models

Sports Segment Winners:

Toyota 86 (786 – 36.8%)
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe (369 – 17.4%)
Hyundai Veloster (340 – 15.9%)
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First turbo’d FA20 motor to go boom!

The Story

was just normal driving took off in first spun the tires regained traction shifted to second got to about 6k rpms or so and the motor shut off with a loud bang. poped the hood and smoked and steam rolled out. prior to that the car didnt feel like it had anywhere near 320whp like it was supposed to. the bov was staying open at idle causing the car idle at 1k rpms and choke and die randomly. i was waiting on a 12psi spring from fullblown to swap out the 7psi spring to see if that fixed the open bov at idle problem. TOYOTA INSTALLED it i hope to god they fix it if not i will kick someones a** i only put about 100 miles on the car after the install. i was going home to install a aem boost gauge/failsafe. i would liked to have known how much boost it hit at the time the motor blew up but guess we will never know.
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AVO Turbo 86/BRZ Cracking 300HP from the FA20.

So in a Manual 86 / BRZ; they achieved the following results.
8psi on Stage 1.5, manual transmission, with full exhaust, MAP sensor, 7psi Actuator
271 HP with 225 Tq.

They upped the boost
10psi on Stage 1.5+, manual transmission, with full exhaust, MAP sensor, 7psi Actuator
just shy of 300hp

with this power they also recommend upgrading the injectors and fuel pump to cope with the new demand.

The next tubro 86

The next turbo’d 86 is also using the low mount AVO Turbo kit.
No dyno results yet but here are some pictures.

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Tada: How Toyota and Subaru created the 86

Since its launch last summer, the Toyota GT86 has received multiple awards for its no-nonsense, fun-to-drive philosophy.
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86 Club crashed the Brisbane Super Car Club Meet

So today was the Brisbane Super Car Club Meet, but the 86 club deiced be a cool event to crash 😀

We crashed it really well with total of 16 86’s and BRZ’s 😀

16 Toyota 86's and BRZ

My 86

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Toyota’s CEO & Lead on the 86 project Tada talks about more models

Toyota’s CEO & Lead on the 86 project Tada talks about more models

Tada talks BMW, dogs and drinking beer…

March 13th, 2013 Dan Strong

Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer for GT86 talks about the FT-86 Open convertible concept unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, working with BMW, dogs and drinking beer…

There’s no doubt that the Toyota GT86 is a special car, but as we recently reported, without major backing from on high within Toyota, it might never have happened.

Andrew English, who produced that story for us, caught up with GT86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada for part two of that original tale. This time to talk convertibles, shooting brakes, saloons and of course BMW…

Here’s Tada-san’s story, in his own words.

Tada and the FT-86 Open Concept at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

“As far as the convertible is concerned, there’s still some way to go before production. We’ve got many engineering challenges and not all of them are solved yet.

“But from the outset, when we were engineering the coupé, we had the cabrio in mind. So we knew all the hard points that would be involved when it became an open top and bore those in mind. So the indexed windows are one highlight, also the way we laid out the rear suspension to allow for the folding roof.

“Our exterior designer has already had in his mind having a cabrio version, so in his drawings he did a cut-off roof. The designer, Mr Brouchan, he likes convertibles. At the beginning of the project I wasn’t too concerned about a convertible version, but I would sneak up on him and he was always drawing a drophead. I would say, ‘you’re drawing a convertible, again!’.

“Mass producing a sports car for a company like Toyota carries a big business risk and we’ve tried to mitigate that risk with our collaboration with Subaru. We say, ‘mitigate’ in one [easy] word, but we had to make some really tough decisions for us to realise this. Also, along the way, we investigated the possibility of a sedan [saloon] and a shooting brake.

“Actually we tried to do this secretly but the executives found us out. They said: “what are you doing? Will you please focus on the coupé.” So that was our focal point and it was only with the success of the coupé that we were able to bring out the prototype of the convertible. It would never have existed without the support from you and the customers.

“It’s just my personal dream that the GT86 could become a family like what BMW has done with the Mini family. I hope that happens. I also have five dogs myself and I would like to have them in the car, so a sports shooting break would be just right.

“Actually I am flying to Munich after the [Geneva] motor show for discussion about the future cooperation with BMW. We are already discussing what we can do and the potential results of this collaboration. One of the things we learned from our cooperation with Subaru is how to bring these two different cultures together. Something like the GT86 sports car was particularly difficult in terms of collaboration, but what we can take from it is the experience of figuring out how we can get the obstacles to us working together for us. I am hoping that we can leverage this experience when we work with BMW. So just like we bought the GT86 out of our work with Subaru, I am hoping for a synergy effect with BMW that will result in a product that none of us could have imagined; something more than anyone expects. I would like that to be something like a sports car… I would even go so far as to say that for the collaboration to work we have to bring a product which exceeds all these expectations.

“It is absolutely essential to have great connections with each other that go beyond just pure business logic. I was able to have remarkable encounters with people at Subaru and we had supporters behind us on the Toyota and the Subaru side. I’d even say these connections have to happen if the BMW collaboration is to work. If we carried along the lines of same-old, same-old, then nothing good will come out of this.

“At the moment we are struggling, because we are having this really business-like dealing with BMW and we haven’t really been able to get through that barrier so far. Perhaps I need to meet them socially and drink beer and eat sausage together. In fact the one time I felt we went beyond the business-like barrier was when we all went to Oktoberfest and drank beer. That was the one time, when we were drinking together that I thought, these are unexpectedly good people…
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Toyota is working on a Turbo, Supercharger and Hybrid

A high-performance petrol-electric hybrid version of the GT86 sports car is under consideration at Toyota, Autocar can reveal.

According to chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, all routes remain open to conjuring more performance from the rear-driven two-seater, with an eye on the creation of a faster and more focussed version of the acclaimed rear-drive coupe to be released later in the car’s lifecycle.

“I’ve been asked a lot about a turbocharging,” Tada told us. “We are already working on a mid-life facelift for the car, and we are investigating both turbocharging and supercharging too,” he added. “But an electric motor assistance solution is also possible, and would bring benefits that forced induction does not.”

Toyota took the wraps off a conceptual convertible version of the GT86 at the Geneva show, which is almost certain to make production. It nearly didn’t, however. “The management considered the GT86 very risky,” Tada said. “They wanted proof that the ’86 coupe would hit its sales targets before they would sign off on a convertible.

“Now that they have that proof, we can begin to think about other development ideas for the car. But we must guard against compromising any of the key virtues of the standard GT86 in the pursuit of more power.”

An electric motor assist solution, Tada suggested, could provide a substantial low-rpm torque boost for the naturally aspirated engine without affecting throttle response or compromising on fuel economy or emissions.

Similar to the ‘IMA’ system used on the Honda CRZ, the hybrid system would be much cheaper and simpler than the one used on the Prius economy car. The batteries, meanwhile, could be used to lower the car’s centre of gravity even further.

The Toyota engineer suggested that the weight added by such a system could at least partly be offset, and that experimental underbody aerodynamic parts could be used to adjust the car’s handling balance should weight distribution be affected.

“Our TRD tuning department has found it easy to take 100kg out of the kerbweight, and have developed certain underbody fins and plates that can be employed to alter the dynamic balance of the car, to increase or reduce oversteer at medium and high speeds. They have quite a pronounced effect,” he said.


We’ve already seen third party doing very well with turboing the 86 and BRZ – TURBO

New Pope will need a new car

New Pope's - 86

The new Pope will be decided soon, so the new Pope will need a new car to get around in 😀
New Pope's - 86

Top Down 86 / FRS / BRZ

Here is a video and all the officially released images of the convertible 86.

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