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ο»Ώ News - 6/10 - My build of a Toyota 86 - Parts, Advice and Drama!

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Yay my car parts have arrived

After waiting 1 week for the parts to be shipping from the USA(which is pretty awesome wait time) cause they were $43 cheaper to buy and get shipped internationally then buy them from Australia… as you might know Whiteline is an Australian company…
Whiteline parts KDT922 & KDT926
Whiteline - KDT922 & KDT926

Perrin Perfomance Rear Shift Rod Bushing for the 86 and BRZ.
Perrin Perfomance Rear Shift Rod Bushing for the 86 and BRZ

Now to find the time to install the parts and do a little write up… Give me a couple weeks πŸ˜€

MY86 Plates Now attached

Finally got around to removing my lame 6 character plates and taking them back to TMR.

Now I am rocking a 4 character plate MY86 :D.
Toyota 86 - My86.com
To fit the plates I removed the big ugly black plate holder and attached it with my super secret mount πŸ˜€

If you see us give me a wave πŸ˜€

2013 TRD Parts List

So Toyota has released a Parts List for the 2013 year.

Some very nice parts loving the carbon parts πŸ˜€
TRD Carbon Fender

TRD Parts List

TRD Parts List

More BRZ and 86 at TAS 2013

Article from speedhunters.com


91 cars. That’s how many 86s/BRZs/F-RSs were on display at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. Never in the history of this show has one car been quite so popular. However what really makes the hachiroku, and its other guises, stand out is that it seems to have been adopted by pretty much every single car scene in Japan. I did my best to hunt most of these 91 cars in order to bring you the best I came across so let’s take an extra-long look at what can only be described as the Japanese β€œ86 mania!”

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86’s & BRZ’s from TAS 2013

86’s & BRZ’s from TAS 2013

See a Turbo can fit & fit will it does.

Tom's 86

Tom’s 86, Loving these Tail Lights – Looking on Tom’s Website unable to find a link to the part… really keen to see how much these are.

Toyota 86

Where it all started the AE86! Lovely.

Subaru BRZ

Never heard of these guys before but here is Silk Blaze’s 86

A Lovely Rocket Bunny 86

Yet another lovely Rocket Bunny 86

Another company I have heard of before – Marche’s car; guess that is the joy of these big shows find and see things you haven’t before.

Kansai’s BRZ & 86

Greddy with a Scion badge on their 86.

Falken Widebody 86

charge Speed BRZ

Charge Speed’s BRZ


BoldWorld Widebody’s 86; I think this is a little over the top but they did a great job of it.


Another shot of BoldWorld’s Widebody 86 just showing how wide and the detail that went into it.

Abflug Spiral 86

Spiral’s 86

Classic Toyota AE86

Varis 86


Images all from 7tune.com

Space Saver Mod

So as I have one of the first run GTS the car came with a full size spare. YAY!!
Full Size Spare GTS
Well it takes up 3/4 of the boot space πŸ™ booo.
Stock GTS Boot
So I have found that space saver wheel fits okay with minor mod to the bolt to securer it.
Space Saver
And the boot mat as well.
GTS Low profile boot mat

All up the boot mat cost $130.
Space Saver cost $90.
Will need thin bit of mdf to put over the space saver so the boot liner doesn’t sag when I put the shopping in.

So I think it would be a worthwhile mod just so I can get full use of the boot!
Also weight saving πŸ˜€

MY86 Going on it’s first cruise

So next weekend 20/1/2013 MY86 will be heading out on it’s first 86 curise.
So the cruise will be going up Mt Nebo then on to Mt Glorious and have a BBQ at Wivenhoe Dam.

Should be a pretty good turn out of around 10 cars πŸ˜€

Looking forward to it.

350HP VCMC Turbo Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S

Pretty good to see a turbo 86 getting flogged around a track.

The car is running the Full Blown Motorsports Stage 1 Turbo setup.

Only problem was heat soak; just open the bay up; or get a low mount turbo like the AVO kit πŸ˜‰

New Part On The Way – Perrin Rear Shifter Bushing

Perrin Rear Shifter Bushing


PERRIN Rear shifter bushings help eliminate any loose and sloppy feel during gear changes! Give your shifter a feeling of precision not found with stock bushings!


The PERRIN Rear Shifter Bushing removes the soft rubber bushing on the back of the shifter rod. This vital connection point joins the shifter mechanism to the chassis. Installing the stiffer PERRIN Rear Shifter bushing makes the shifter feel even more connected to your transmission.


The PERRIN Rear Shifter bushing is constructed from stiff 88a durometer, polyurethane. This material is flexible enough to allow for normal drivetrain movement, but stiff enough to eliminate the large amounts of deflection from the stock part.

Once this Whiteline part is available

Once this Whiteline part is available it will be selling out like hotcakes.

The Whiteline Lower Control Arms, easily adjust camber!!! Amazing.

Whiteline Lower Control Arm
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