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more lowered pictures of 86 and BRZ

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Pictures of Lowered 86 & BRZ

Was trolling the interwebs and found some nice looking cars

Thought i’d share with you all.


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My 86 went to the 2013 Evo Nationals

So I was at the 2013 Evo Nationals on the weekend; as you can guess by the name of it. It was an all out EVO affair sooo many awesome examples of what an Evo should look like 😀

As I am a car enthusiast I like to go to car events.

Whilst I was there took some photos – Still to edit about 80% of them ahahah. Here are a couple quick shots.

White Emotion XD-9 on Blue BRZ

White and the World Rally Blue BRZ it makes for a great contrast.

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86 on some Advan RSII

Got to love the look of the Advan RSII’s esp when they are on a 86.

A Photo or Two

Rocket Bunny Kit Moulded

This is a modified Rocket Bunny Kit Moulded so no exposed rivets and all smooth lines!!

I think it looks amazing!!

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So you might remember I attend a Brisbane 86/BRZ meet that crashed the Brisbane Supercar Meet.

Here is a photo from that meet 😀

Full coverage of the day:

86 Club crashed the Brisbane Super Car Club Meet

So today was the Brisbane Super Car Club Meet, but the 86 club deiced be a cool event to crash 😀

We crashed it really well with total of 16 86’s and BRZ’s 😀

16 Toyota 86's and BRZ

My 86

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Sticker is on the car

I’ve attached my Logo sticker to the car 😀
86 Sticker