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Update to Inside of an 86: Changing the interior from Silver to Black

So In Australia, they sell two models of 86’s GT and the GTS sadly the GTS which is what I have comes with silver interior accents… I didn’t like it very much.
You can see the before photos in the post: Inside of an 86
So I ordered all the parts that the GT had in side, this is the result:

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Front Lip for the 86

So I’ve found a front lip that I like that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg.
It’s not the one I wanted but hey it looks good!

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Tail Light Overlay Mod

Got another mod lined up.

Finishing a mod I started a while ago – Fog Light Mod


I started this Mod a little while ago it’s the FOG Light Mod .

Tidy up jobs done


In Brisbane, QLD Australia we had a public holiday mid week 😀 yay!!!!

So got a few bits and bobs done that i’ve been meaning to get done.

So a little while ago I installed the Window Visors (Weather Shields). On the passenger’s side it started to lift.
Finally got that fixed 😀

Had to remove the old bit of double sided tape then add just a little bit more double sided tape did the job nicely

Next job on the things to do list was fix the flickering LED License Plate Lights.

Installed the new lights and looks 100 times better

My 86 now incident resolved


Three weeks on from when I had an incident with My 86:

Issue has been resolved with two new parts and a fresh coat of paint! 😀

Look at the after shot:

Very happy with the result. Have to get some buffing done in four weeks time and then paint protection applied again.

My 86 had an incident


Parked outside of work like I normally do; work is located on a quiet suburban street… nothing could happen there right?


Someone with a camper home thought hey you know what; I live across the road and need to reverse to park here… how I about I use this nice looking 86 as a reverse indicator!


So as you can see; required work – New bonnet and new front bar.

Good thing was he was nice enough to give me his insurance details. Should get all fixed up soon enough. (3 weeks)

ZetaPerformance Window Visor

Just placed my order for the ZetaPerformance Window Visor!
Half Price of the Toyota Window Visor and I’ve been told pretty damn close to the finish of it (Will make my own judgement when it arrives).
For now I can just go by other people pictures and here are some now.

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86 Club crashed the Brisbane Super Car Club Meet

So today was the Brisbane Super Car Club Meet, but the 86 club deiced be a cool event to crash 😀

We crashed it really well with total of 16 86’s and BRZ’s 😀

16 Toyota 86's and BRZ

My 86

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Sticker is on the car

I’ve attached my Logo sticker to the car 😀
86 Sticker