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New Part – Flossy Grip Rod

Just ordered my Flossy Grip Rod Heavy Weight
Flossy Grip Rod Heavy Weight
With my custom engraving ordered 😀
The task I set was I’d like the H Pattern to be like the Stock 86 shifter with big as numbers
Toyota 86 Stock Shifter - Gear Stick
And a cool little 86 Logo down the shaft
86 Logo on the gear shifter

Reversed into my driveway

So yesterday night I reversed into my driveway, which I don’t normally do.

I spot that one of my cheap ass LED number plate lights was busted in the reflection of the garage wall. Guess I’ll have to replace that soon, before I drive around at night.

Wonder how long it’s been busted for. Guess you get what you pay for. Cheap ass ebay LED’s.

When I go to replace it I think I might do a write up on how to install them

My86 First Service

Car went in for it’s first service 9 months / 15 000kms.

12730KMs on the clock and in we go with a list of things would’ve liked looked at.

Rear deck clicking/popping noise. The identified that it needs to go into a panel beaters and get a couple welds added to stop it moving.

Gear lever vibrating/rattling whilst at idle. Turned out that it appears normal at this time.

Drivers doors window controls rattle with some speaker bass bumping. Insulated behind the switch this appears to have fixed it for now.

Door rubbers next to the windows. This doesn’t appear to be excessive wear.

The best bit. Drive side mat was showing excessive wear. Toyota is going to be replacing it for me :D.

Been having issues with my transmissions for gosh knows how long the fixed it last time I was in, didn’t last for too long. Once again now it’s fixed and feel soft like butter whilst downshifting.

All this for an amazing $170 under the fixed price service agreement for the Toyota 86.

Working on a sticker for my 86

So here is what I have come up with so far.



Folding mirror mod

So the Toyota 86 comes stock with folding mirrors and I have seen on some cars the ability to auto fold the mirror when you lock your car and unfold them when you go to start the car.

Well I have tracked down an inexpensive way to achieve this! 😀

Toyota 86 Mirror Close Mod

Yay my car parts have arrived

After waiting 1 week for the parts to be shipping from the USA(which is pretty awesome wait time) cause they were $43 cheaper to buy and get shipped internationally then buy them from Australia… as you might know Whiteline is an Australian company…
Whiteline parts KDT922 & KDT926
Whiteline - KDT922 & KDT926

Perrin Perfomance Rear Shift Rod Bushing for the 86 and BRZ.
Perrin Perfomance Rear Shift Rod Bushing for the 86 and BRZ

Now to find the time to install the parts and do a little write up… Give me a couple weeks 😀

MY86 Plates Now attached

Finally got around to removing my lame 6 character plates and taking them back to TMR.

Now I am rocking a 4 character plate MY86 :D.
Toyota 86 -
To fit the plates I removed the big ugly black plate holder and attached it with my super secret mount 😀

If you see us give me a wave 😀

Space Saver Mod

So as I have one of the first run GTS the car came with a full size spare. YAY!!
Full Size Spare GTS
Well it takes up 3/4 of the boot space 🙁 booo.
Stock GTS Boot
So I have found that space saver wheel fits okay with minor mod to the bolt to securer it.
Space Saver
And the boot mat as well.
GTS Low profile boot mat

All up the boot mat cost $130.
Space Saver cost $90.
Will need thin bit of mdf to put over the space saver so the boot liner doesn’t sag when I put the shopping in.

So I think it would be a worthwhile mod just so I can get full use of the boot!
Also weight saving 😀

New Part On The Way – Perrin Rear Shifter Bushing

Perrin Rear Shifter Bushing


PERRIN Rear shifter bushings help eliminate any loose and sloppy feel during gear changes! Give your shifter a feeling of precision not found with stock bushings!


The PERRIN Rear Shifter Bushing removes the soft rubber bushing on the back of the shifter rod. This vital connection point joins the shifter mechanism to the chassis. Installing the stiffer PERRIN Rear Shifter bushing makes the shifter feel even more connected to your transmission.


The PERRIN Rear Shifter bushing is constructed from stiff 88a durometer, polyurethane. This material is flexible enough to allow for normal drivetrain movement, but stiff enough to eliminate the large amounts of deflection from the stock part.

Next Whiteline part on order

Have just placed another order even before my first whiteline part arrives.

Ordered the KDT926

It’s a mount for the gearbox.
Whiteline Gearbox Mount for Toyota 86
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