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Work have two new sets of wheels – D9R & XSA 04C


Deep Impact Wheels:

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You know your doing something right.

Check out this awesome setup running 18×9.5 +35 with spacers.

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Porsche + BRZ = Awesome

So I posted this car yesterday(Front Staggered BRZ).

Well this was his earlier setup. It also belongs in the DAMN category.

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Front Staggered BRZ

BRZ on a set of Works Wheels.

The quote that went with this was:

Work Ryver 10.5Jx18 et -5 fronts/ +5 rears. Yeah thats right , front staggered offsets -_- but still, negative offsets

suspension goodies came in today, got -14 out back. gonna try to shoot for -7ish in the front tomorrow

Pictures of Lowered 86 & BRZ

Was trolling the interwebs and found some nice looking cars

Thought i’d share with you all.


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White Emotion XD-9 on Blue BRZ

White and the World Rally Blue BRZ it makes for a great contrast.

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86 on some Advan RSII

Got to love the look of the Advan RSII’s esp when they are on a 86.

Enkei Wheels on an 86

See what I did there :D…

Well I am wanting to get some wheels for the car I am thinking of Enkei’s Fujin.

Size they come in are 17×7.5 +40 or 18×8 +40.

• 18×8 is about 19.5lbs = 8.85 kilograms
• 17×7.5 is about 17.5lbs = 7.94 kilograms

Now I am not to sure how well they will fill the wheel wells, what do you guys think?

Here is a pick of the TRD 18×17.5 +46.