My 86 GTS Pegasus White Manual!

My 86 GTS Pegasus White Manual!

So I picked it up this morning 16kms on the clock, I took it up Mt Glorious, damn that was fun!!! That wasn’t enough, so I then took it up Mt Mee!!!! Fucken that was insanes I went up and down both of them faster then I have in my Aristo (2jz).

During the MT runs, I had a Civic Type R following me… just watching him try and keep up with my was awesome, he was over steering alot!! I could just turn the wheel and the car would follow that line!! Arhg such an amazing feeling, this was all happening whilst the passanger of the type r was eitght recording of taking pictures!! Damn funny!!!

The speed this thing can go around a corner without even worrying about breaking in intense!!! The feeling you get is just amazing, you can’t stop smiling! Sitting in the garage right now, 296kms on the clock…

Will upload some pics soon.

The sounds of the car is a little of putting, its nicer when you are reving it higher as it’s still breaking it in I could get only rev till 4000rpm. I am comparing the sound to the demo car I took for a drive during the week, were i was reving it all the way to 7000rpm.

Also, I had the car for about 15mins and a kid (12-14 yrold) walks over to me and with the bigger grin then mine says, THAT’S AN 86!!!!! THAT THING IS AWESOME CAN’T WAIT TILL I AM OLD ENOUGH TO DRIVE ONE!!!! Do a massive walk around the car a couple of times.

I also made it into the city, and the people pointing and managing to take a picture whilst I was at the lights was funny as couldn’t stop laugting!

Now I am sitting down reading the manaul, will let you all know if i find something cool in it.

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