My86 First Service

Car went in for it’s first service 9 months / 15 000kms.

12730KMs on the clock and in we go with a list of things would’ve liked looked at.

Rear deck clicking/popping noise. The identified that it needs to go into a panel beaters and get a couple welds added to stop it moving.

Gear lever vibrating/rattling whilst at idle. Turned out that it appears normal at this time.

Drivers doors window controls rattle with some speaker bass bumping. Insulated behind the switch this appears to have fixed it for now.

Door rubbers next to the windows. This doesn’t appear to be excessive wear.

The best bit. Drive side mat was showing excessive wear. Toyota is going to be replacing it for me :D.

Been having issues with my transmissions for gosh knows how long the fixed it last time I was in, didn’t last for too long. Once again now it’s fixed and feel soft like butter whilst downshifting.

All this for an amazing $170 under the fixed price service agreement for the Toyota 86.

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