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2jz 86-FRS Action 9.10 1/4

Impressive result.

Shame it wasn’t powered by a FA20.

Ryan Tuerck’s New 2013 Formula Drift FRS Portland Build: Stroked 2JZ!

Ryan Tuerck is at Portland Speed Industries assembling his new 2013 Formula Drift FRS car.
It’s getting a stroke 2JZ transplanted into the FRS.
This video shows the maiden voyage around the PSI track.

Fastest Modified Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

The 2JZ Powered Toyota 86

Ekanoo Racing 2JZ Toyota 86 First time on the strip pulled a [email protected]/hr

More 2JZ Powered 86 Action

Test drive after the install of the 2JZ Single Turbo 86 running 1 Bar Boost.

2JZ Swap FRS, 2JZ Swap 86

2JZ 86

GT86 with a 2JZ swap. Car has a stock Supra Engine with a 6262 moderate-sized turbo. Using a Supra 6-speed manual.

In this vid, car was running 1 bar of boost (low boos) and was able to record a 440whp
The car is still currently being tuned.
2JZ Toyota 86 / FRS / BRZ
The car is built and owned by EKanoo Racing team owner, Ebrahim Kanoo

FRS 2JZ Swap, 86 2JZ Swap.