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AVO Documentary on the Stage 1 Kit

AVO Turboworld for 86/BRZ/FRS from SpeedArchitech on Vimeo.

Strapped to the front of a 300BHP AVO Turbo 86

AVO Turbo 86/BRZ Cracking 300HP from the FA20.

So in a Manual 86 / BRZ; they achieved the following results.
8psi on Stage 1.5, manual transmission, with full exhaust, MAP sensor, 7psi Actuator
271 HP with 225 Tq.

They upped the boost
10psi on Stage 1.5+, manual transmission, with full exhaust, MAP sensor, 7psi Actuator
just shy of 300hp

with this power they also recommend upgrading the injectors and fuel pump to cope with the new demand.

The next tubro 86

The next turbo’d 86 is also using the low mount AVO Turbo kit.
No dyno results yet but here are some pictures.

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AVO Turbo Kit Tuned on 98RON

Australia’s first installed and tuned AVO Turbo Kit:
AVO base map (4psi).
187.8 hp

Morpowa tune (6psi).
Short drive once the turbo was installed

Ahhh that boxer rumble!! Sooo nice coming from the AVO UEL Header!

Toyota 86 – Subaru BRZ AVO Turbo Kit Installed

Not even a day after it landed, the AVO Turbo kit has been installed, tuning to follow up soon enough.




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AVO Turbo kit lands downunder

The first AVO Turbo kit has touched down in Australia.

The install & tune will hopefully be happening this week and a track test by the weekend.

See some of the amazing Photo’s Nix(the owner) has taken of the First Australian AVO Turbo Kit.
AVO Full Turbo Kit

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