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Insides of an 86

So on here I show alot of modified cars on the outside.

So thought I’d show what the inside of an 86 looks like. Especially since I am looking at making a few changes to mine shortly.
When I do you’ll have to play spot the difference though.

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DownshiftAus.com – Photo :D

So you might remember I attend a Brisbane 86/BRZ meet that crashed the Brisbane Supercar Meet.

Here is a photo from that meet 😀

Full coverage of the day: http://www.downshiftaus.com/2013/supercar-sunday/

MY86 Plates Now attached

Finally got around to removing my lame 6 character plates and taking them back to TMR.

Now I am rocking a 4 character plate MY86 :D.
Toyota 86 - My86.com
To fit the plates I removed the big ugly black plate holder and attached it with my super secret mount 😀

If you see us give me a wave 😀


If you can call them that.

These were taken after I gave it the first wash…

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