Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ Colours

Colour is the same as everywhere else just a dif name.

Just the same frs says whiteout

colours 😀

Now just compare this to the other colour codes and you can see that they are the same just with a dif name.

Dark Gray / 61K / Asphalt (Scion) / Dark Gray Metallic (Subaru) / Tornado Grey (Toyota Australia)

Red / C7P / Firestorm (Scion) / Lightning Red (Subaru) / Fuji red (Toyota Australia)

Black / D4S / Raven (Scion) / Crystal Black Silica (Subaru) / Storm Black (Toyota Australia)
Storm Black - Raven 86 FRS BRZ
White / 37J / Whiteout (Scion) / Satin White Pearl (Subaru) / Pegasus White (Toyota Australia)

D6S / Thunder Silver (Toyota Australia) / ARGENTO FR-S

E8H / Sonic Blue (Toyota Australia) / Ultramarine FR-S

H8R / Velocity Orange (Toyota Australia) / Hot Lava FR-S

Subaru WRC Blue

In the states the FRS came out in a limited edition colour – Silver Ignition:

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